Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center

Services Offered: Bridgehaven CAC offers many services. Our primary service is our Forensic Interviews. These interviews are non-leading, fact finding interviews for children ages 2-17 in which there has been alleged abuse, at risk, and/or witness to a crime. Victim advocacy services are offered through the criminal justice process to the victim and non-offending caregivers. Bridgehaven CAC offers prevention and education to the community on a variety of Child Abuse related topics. All presentations are free of charge. Bridgehaven CAC promotes healing to lessen the likelihood of re-victimization, and decrease the ongoing and long-term social, emotional and developmental outcome of trauma. Our counseling program provides specialized mental health services trauma focused counseling in order to meet the needs of our clients.  Another service provided by Bridgehaven CAC is the Multidisciplinary Enhancement Program. The purpose of this program is to allow all CAC staff to receive DFPS State Wide Intakes (CPS reports) and review them. This was done to ensure that all children who fall within the Children’s Advocacy Center’s protocols were able to receive the beneficial services that are provided.

About The Company: Bridgehaven Children's Advocacy Center is a nonprofit organization that was created to help minimize the trauma associated with child abuse investigations. We provide services to children ages 2-17 from both Liberty and Chambers counties.  Bridgehaven supports and coordinates the efforts of a multidisciplinary team (MDT). This MDT consists of law enforcement, CPS, prosecution, victim advocates, mental and medical health providers, CAC staff and the victim's family.